An App for the Busy Aussie.

Easy Market boasts a sleek, multi-platform app that is easy for any user to adapt to – whether a homebody or on the go.

Produce for Everyone, From Everyone.

A wide and growing selection of organic produce from verified vendors
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No Food Deserts.

Don’t worry about being outside of the zone; the app is accessible wherever you are.

Shop At Your Leisure and Save Time.

Don’t spend time waiting in lines and judging prices – do it from the ease and comfort of your phone.


Award Winning Features

Jam packed with one-of-a-kind features to make your shopping as seamless as possible.

Affordable Deals

Get access to the best deals, straight from your home. No more wasting money!

Fresh Products

Only fresh and super-healthy foods direct from Farm and local markets! No more relying on something that is not healthy for you.

Bulk Pricing

Are you a retailer looking for best products? Grab the best deals and save money!

As a retailer, a school, or even as an independent buyer, you know how important it is to have qualified, honest vendors in your search for truly fresh, honest food. We understand that as well, which is why our vendors are verified and continually evaluated to ensure the highest quality for you, our customers. What does Easy Market supply, then? Any kind of produce that our vendors can imagine. Let Easy Market be your one-click source of the best fruits, vegetables, and organic produce. Buy in bulk for your company, or single servings for your two-person household – the sky is the limit.




Of course; our app is multi-platform, meaning that anyone – with a device from any platform – can access it.

How do I know if produce is deliverable in my area?

When using our app, you can view which vendors are nearby you. You will be able to pick up your produce from these vendors when it arrives.


Customers will receive an order confirmation and a tracking number for their order. If the order is not adequately met, customer service will personally discuss a solution with you.


Easy Market has collaborated with organic, family farms all over Australia. Your produce is being supplied by farmers who fertilize the land, tend to the crops themselves, and select only the best produce to be delivered straight to you. Your order is in good hands.


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